Sometimes the best way of letting your mind lose is to cook. Engage yourself in making something good (if at all it turns out to be good!) is a very good therapy. In my present state of mind, it is exactly something I need. Piling up work and nonsense around can make anyone a psychopath. Actually, in my understanding, there isn’t much of a distance between a sociopath to a psychopath. Don’t get me wrong. This post was supposed to be in celebration of finishing the second season of Hannibal.

imagesThe second season was much more thrilling than the first. Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy and Laurence Fishburne… I agree with the critic who said female characters did not have much to do in the second season. The whole story and the powerful narrative revolved between Dr. Lecter, Will Graham and Agent Jack Crawford. More than the storyline, which I am thoroughly interested in, what attracted me was an increase in the number of scenes where Hannibal Lecter cooked. A known culinarian, Hannibal Lecter’s character was made to concentrate on Japanese food. In fact, each episode was named after a Japanese dish.



It actually made me feel like I should cook something. It had been a long time. And, I did.


P.S: Don’t ask me what the meat is. If I tell you, you wouldn’t even try it.